How To Become A Movie Extra?

How To Become A Movie ExtraAre you interested in acting? In case you are talented in the field you should try and make an effort to put your talent into use .You may be having talent but without making it become realized you can end up wasting it. Acting can enable you to achieve a lot in case you are talented. Most of the famous actors that you may be seeing in your locality or in famous movies or TV stations just started by realizing their talents and ended up nurturing them up. You may be a person who is thinking that because you are a great actor you will just seat in your home and people will come and recruit you into the acting industry. That is not the case. People will get interested with you after knowing you can be able to produce great work in the field of acting. Should you try to be an extra? Why not …The following are some tips on how to become a successful movie extra. Continue reading

Top Singing Schools In The US

Top Singing Schools In the USWhen choosing a music college, you need to consider important factors such as high quality education, performance opportunities as well as career preparation. The top music schools in the United States are usually known as conservatories. The colleges offer programs that expose students to every aspect of the music world, and surround them with a number of experienced music experts, world-class musicians, high caliber students and top-notch performances. Most music colleges offer certificate, diploma as well as bachelors and master’s degree programs. If you want to bring out the musician in you, here are top singing schools in the US that you may want to consider. Continue reading

Best Acting Schools In The US

Best Acting Schools In The USThere are many top acting schools in the US where you can easily enroll for you to nurture your skills in acting. In case you are interested in acting you can easily make a living from the careers they offer. There are many actors in the world who are highly paid. Acting as a talent can easily make you achieve a lot. There are some skills you need to have as an actor such as creativity and good memorization of ideas. After enrolling in a school in your preparation to become an actor you should try and be aggressive. Through being aggressive you will be able to develop different acting skills and internalize them easily. You may find acting auditions in your locality. In case you want to be a successful actor you can take advantage of such auditions and work on improving your talent by taking formal and professional acting lessons. The following are some of the top acting schools in the US where you can secure a place to enhance your acting skills. Continue reading

Top 5 Best Paid Movie Casting Calls

Payed Movie Casting CallsAuditioning on casting calls is the best and fastest way to enter the entertainment business. There are several ways to get yourself in the business and the process may not be as easy as you think.

Here are the Top 5 best paid movie casting calls and other available casting calls for Broadway, reality TV series and why are they considered the best. Continue reading

Top 5 Best Reality Show Casting Calls

Being on a reality show can be a great experience and many people have found success through these opportunities. For the person who is interested in trying out for one of these shoes, these are the top 5 best reality show casting calls available today. Keep in mind that not everyone may be eligible for a spot on one of these top shows. Look for qualification information before trying out in order to get the best results.

1. Catfish – MTV Reality TV Show

MTV Catfish Reality CastingsThis reality show started as a low-budget documentary and has grown into a huge worldwide phenomenon. This TV show is run by MTV and casting calls are being planned with submissions being accepted. This is a great chance to be featured on a series that has everyone talking. This show focuses on normal people who are involved in online relationships. The two hosts are looking for new subjects who are interested in connecting with the person that they’ve met online. For someone who has an online relationship or uses online dating services, this is a great opportunity to be featured on a hot new show. Continue reading

Top 10 Plays in New York City

New York Theatre CastingsAnyone who wants to act in theatre wants to be part of a successful Broadway show. However, it’s not at all easy to achieve that goal. Below you will find the list of the current ten most popular Broadway shows. You will also find if there are any casting opportunities in those shows.



  1. The Lion King: This amazing musical has been watched by 50 million people till now and has won Tony Awards. It tells the story of Simba the young royal heir and his journey. This play that dazzles you with extraordinary panorama has gazelles, Giraffe strut, and birds swoop to overwhelm your senses. This play will truly inspire the wonder of life in you. Continue reading